Monday, July 03, 2006

Brentwood Youth 2000

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I just wanted to make a couple of comments, as I was asked to write something, and feel it is rude (!) to refuse such a request.

This is not really a deep or profound insight, but the workshop on work really struck me. It simply rammed home that you cannot "cut out" of life the 9-5pm part and just live for the weekend and going out. It is not what being a Christian is about.

That is not what God means by "living life to the full". To use Gianlucas example, it is like having a Ferrari (analogy to gift of life) and driving it is first gear.

For those not in work, I think the same principle applies to any part of life that we somehow try to discard, day dream through or ignore, rather than engage with and live, even when it is living that scary dynamic of the cross, which is brought forward to resurrection. By that I mean practical day to day unpleasant and difficult circumstances, whether that is at work, illness or elsewhere, that put into God's hands is turned to a greater good. It does sound "too much" but that is what the cross is about. One girl described such a difficult work circumstance, how she had prayed about it and in the end how some good had come of it. Gianluca commented that in the end, her trouble with a colleague had turned to something positive...and that is the dynamic of the cross.


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And see my post further down ( Catholic Worker ) for my notes on the talk.

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