Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Lost in the Cosmos

That's a little bit how I feel (but perhaps replace "cosmos" with "job market") at the moment, and also the title of the book I got from Amazon today, at the recommendation of a CL email-pal from the States.

Ironically, I started flicking through it today, a Wednesday afternoon, and only just noticed that I had indeed been reading this hugely appropriate "caustic, witty, existential, and profoundly moving revelation about why we'd rather see our neighbor's house burn down than live through another Wednesday afternoon..." (quote from the Amazon readers' reviews).

I was struck again by the feeling I got when I finished my flicking, of how I seem to have an unerring knack of finding all the books I wish I'd written myself, and meeting all the people doing things I'd imagined myself doing. I feel strangely redundant (apart from the fact that I am literally between jobs). I wonder if I'll ever reach the "other side" of this feeling...?


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