Friday, June 30, 2006

Catholic Worker

I can relate to This recent article in the CL magazine, Traces.

(> France
Life Is Uncertain:
The “No” Generation
by Davide Perillo)

I've felt pretty much the whole gamut of emotions, since leaving uni, from confidence and suprise at my academic success, to confusion and sorrow at my failure to get work, depression and despair at the subsequent struggle, and the first glimmers of hope that are still just beginning...

What happened to "work"? It was everywhere, and now it seems to have become a 4-letter word.

A friend from CL gave a talk / workshop on work at a recent Youth 2000 retreat. The main points I can remember:

- obedience to your boss comes first, understanding follows
- judging daily my experience, in order to keep what is good
- asking Christ daily to reveal Himself in work and the encounter with others
- recognising that what I always seek is a relationship ("fatherhood")
- praying "Veni Sancte Spiritus, veni per Mariam" as often as possible to stay "awake" to reality

I put these on a post-it on my desk and I hope to use them in my "work" as a job-seeker!


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