Saturday, November 11, 2006

Events around London coming soon

Hello to all our readers...

There are a few events in and around London that I've been told of.

I know there is much more to the UK than London, but that's where I'm based, so I am neccessarily biased.

The first and most important for me is the national Assembly of Communion and Liberation:

Sunday, 19 November 2006, Pinner

"All things have a vanishing point toward the infinite, the eternal, and that is what attracts us, because it is according to the measure of the heart." (Luigi Giussani)

To recognise this vanishing point we need a loyalty to our experience and the courage to risk a judgement on everything we live. This is what makes an experience truly human.

So, all our readers are invited! It's the most important for me because I will be there! Email me if you want to come along.

Secondly, there is this:

C.T.S and Luton Good Counsel are proudly launching a new DVD and guide book on The Joy of God's Plan- Natural Fertility Awareness in Church's Teaching.

The DVD launch will take place on Wednesday 31st January 2007 in Westminster Cathedral Hall.

It sounds interesting, especially for married people or those who prepare them for this sacrament. Again, I know someone who's involved, so just email me if you're interested.


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